Learn how we changed Hecht Warehouse’s brand identity

In a long-forgotten corner of Washington, D.C., a real estate developer boldly goes where no one else would.

Landmark Style

Throughout the golden age of American Department stores, Hecht’s was a favorite destination for stylish Washington, D.C. shoppers. In 1936, to serve its growing collection of stores, The Hecht Company built an iconic, Streamline Moderne-style warehouse along D.C.’s New York Avenue—a landmark that would stand for decades to come.


Ivy City has long been one of DC’s lesser-known corners. Plagued by urban planning decisions that nearly demolished it entirely, this small-but-proud neighborhood survived its toughest years thanks to the fierce resilience of its residents. In Ivy City, we saw an underdog story waiting to be told.

“It’s a new day in Ivy City”

Douglas Development believed in Ivy City, too. Our client envisioned a vibrant, dynamic blend of shops, restaurants, and loft-style apartments—all centered around the painstakingly restored Hecht Warehouse building. Our job was to change the general perception of Ivy City and ensure that people would show up, sign leases, and fall in love with the neighborhood.



In targeting “urban pioneers,” we didn’t try to gloss over the gritty feel of our surroundings—we embraced it. American whiskey and denim brands inspired the brand’s lo-fi aesthetic, lending it a sense of authenticity and attitude. We even discovered a newspaper clipping from the building’s 1936 groundbreaking in which a local senator praised Hecht for its “do and dare” attitude—a quote that would become our tagline and guiding philosophy.


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2016 NAHB Multifamily Awards
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“The next cool D.C. neighborhood you’ve never heard of.”
—The Washington Post