A few miles from Boston, Marina Bay is a historic peninsula that boasts amazing ocean-city views, and was once used a flight training base for Amelia Earhart. Our client bought a parcel of this storied land, and built a luxury apartment community overlooking the sea—we just had to convince people to sail out of Boston Harbor, and down to Marina Bay. We developed a powerful brand identity, enticing seafaring cityslickers by positioning Meriel as the “nearest faraway place”—a place where you can live your everyday life like it’s a vacation.


Marina Bay is a magical place—we wanted to capture that in a way we couldn’t with stock imagery, so we found two local photographers born for the brand. We worked with renowned food photographer Brian Samuels and set up a lifestyle photo shoot on Marina Bay with two hand-selected models, and surreal landscape photographer Greg DuBois to capture the enchanting ocean and city views.