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October 15, 2020



Placemaking 102: Why Hire a Place Branding Agency?

And how it’ll set you apart from competitors.

Now that you know all about the art of placemaking (and if you don’t, we’ve got you covered here), we’re going to break down how hiring a place branding agency is the move for creating extraordinary spaces. Through innovative thinking and design, creative agencies (like our team at Proverb) form brands that people are drawn to. In placemaking, a great brand is what turns a plot of land into a place to remember. It’s the space’s soul and lifeline. It’s that thing that humanizes a development — and it’s what fuels business. Your brand is arguably the most important thing to invest in. So perfecting it and working with a place branding agency will give you a massive leg up on your competitors. Don’t believe us? Here’s why…

5 reasons why you need to hire a place branding agency:

They’re creative wizards. Creativity isn’t just fluff. It’s vital in real estate because we’re finding that within a ten-minute drive, a prospect can view four properties with nearly identical units and the same amenities. Your ability to differentiate through your brand is a competitive advantage. A top place branding agency will have creative, award-winning experts — think strategists, designers, copywriters, and more — to bring a wide range of ideas and approaches to the table. Instead of listening to a single consultant, you’ll get the brain-power of numerous creators and their original, out-of-the-box (in the best way) ideas. When you partner with a creative agency, you benefit from a qualified team that feeds off of inspiration and takes ownership of their work to create something they are truly proud of — and you’ll be too.

They’ve got perspective. One of our favorite analogies is that if you ask everyone to agree on a single ice cream flavor you will get vanilla (which tastes great, but it’s just so…vanilla). Hiring an agency allows a healthy challenge of the status quo and new and different ideas to be cultivated — like a delicious fudge brownie ice cream (with whipped cream and sprinkles!). Sometimes it’s hard for an organization to gain perspective and understand where they may need improvement. Healthy objectivity is crucial because we find that companies and cultural institutions often live and breathe an outdated brand. Internal politics can slow the process of change that’s crucial in staying relevant. That is where place branding experts come in. Agencies are great at taking the client’s deep knowledge and experience and transforming it into something people will get excited about. Hiring a team allows the company to take a step back as the agency aligns the overall goals with innovative ideas to really bring the brand to life.

They’re relationship builders. Any thoughtful brand strategy should always begin with listening. At Proverb, we emphasize a “two ears, one mouth” approach in relationships with our clients. It’s the only way to truly take their needs and aspirations to heart. So we listen, absorb, analyze, and advise — because we want our brands to be relevant in the long run. Great agencies will build strong relationships with their clients that lead to lasting success. They provide on-going and long-term training, brand-building, and brand management, such as a detailed style guide for future assets. Once you have a brand that you’re proud of, the key is to stay consistent. A great partnership with an agency will make this process seamless.

They’ve got mega expertise. Most agencies will have a niche industry that they boast expertise in. This helps them have a deeper understanding of clients’ objectives while applying their own experience. At Proverb, we’re proud experts in place branding — we make places people love. We have a passion for creating successful brands for everything from mixed-use master-planned cities to city-wide hospital networks. The resources our agency has developed over the years give us the insight to stay on top of ever-changing market trends. As industry specialists, we create a brand strategy that adds holistic value to both the property and the client. As place branders, we know that we are not creating just a pretty logo. We’re creating an entire identity that supports the development of a community, a neighborhood, and a home — and we take that seriously.

At the core, they’re storytellers. Place branding really comes down to storytelling. If you have no story, you have no brand. And without a brand, a building is just a building. Our team is trained in telling compelling stories that bring developments to life — and create a more vibrant world around us. Our process starts with deep research into the five key areas of location-based branding (product, audience, culture, competition, and place) so that each place we brand is unique. We tell stories like Caldwell, an old shoe factory-turned into one-of-a-kind apartments, made for the doers and dreamers. We tell stories like ArtsEmerson, Boston’s hub for global theater fueling culture, diversity, and empathy. And we tell stories like One Broadway in Kendall Square, the most innovative square mile on the planet. Using our strategic foundation, we develop a brand that speaks to your target audience — calling them to come here, live here, and get inspired here.

If a brand is a company’s soul, a place branding agency is the legs to get you to the finish line. Think of us as your coach, your teammate, and your cheerleader. We’re here to help you reach your full potential and create places made to remember. And in turn, create a more thoughtful world around us.

For a free (!) consultation on place branding, to learn more about our services, or just chat with us about your favorite places — drop us a line at Proverb!


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