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MFA Boston

On the heels of the MFA’s rebrand, we created a campaign that would invite diverse audiences to the museum.

exposure therapy

Promoting the Obama Portraits and Portraits of Leadership exhibition, this campaign invited audiences to come face-to-face with portraits of leaders, created by famous artists and by everyday folks, and allow themselves the chance to react, feel, and connect.


  • Client

    Museum of Fine Arts

  • Location

    Boston, MA

  • Services

    Brand Strategy, Consulting, Leasing Materials, Marketing Collateral, Video &
Photography, Website 
Design, Website 

come as your are. leave changed.

While the MFA is one of the finest museums in the world, the Boston community had mixed feelings about “who the museum was for.”
We saw an opportunity to bring the MFA’s new brand identity to an audience with historically low engagement and to directly invite diverse audiences with unprecedented forwardness and sincerity. 

The MFA is a space to explore, discuss, and challenge ideas without being judged.

mfa visitor

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